About us

Marvellous Maine coon kittens are raised as part of our family where they are socialized every day and loved from the moment they are born until the moment they leave for their new home. We are TICA and CFA registered  and a small cage free cattery. You can trust us to send you home with a loveable , well socialized  kitten.

Our main priority is producing Beautiful, Healthy, Genetic tested Pedigree kittens that are well socialized and ready to be a part of your loving family.

We have a strict vetting process and pay close attention to the pedigrees, health histories, and genetics of our Maine Coon cats before entering our breeding program.

Our Story

My husband has always dreamed of owning a Maine Coon. He introduced me to this beautiful breed of cat and I instantly fell in love with them. We began our search to find a kitten we could spoil and love. We diligently looked and were contacted by a breeder with a kitten. This kitten was perfect in every way and we wanted to share our lives with her. I had kitten fever, and had no idea that someone would take advantage of our hopes and dreams and scam us. We paid the deposit and hopped in the car and drove 27 hours one way to pick up our kitten. Needless to say, this kitten never existed, and we came home crushed and wiser. We never want anyone to feel this way, so we started Marvellous Maines.

Even if you choose not to purchase a cat from us, we would be happy to suggest a reputable breeder so no one else has their heart broken by being scammed. 

We want everyone to have the opportunity of sharing their lives with a Marvellous Maine Coon.